About us

The Frank Reid band is a vastly expeienced team having delighted Scottish dancing audiences in their various forms for decades.

The line up is that of a tradtional Scottish ceilidh band i.e. Accordion,fiddle,keyboards, drums and we've recently added a flute.  If you're from Scotland the sound will be fairly familiar to you.  If you've been to ceilidhs at a Scottish University or on holiday you'll know just what to expect.  If you are that person you'll know how much fun it is and will want your other guests to experience it too.  The combination of great swingy music, clear calling with plenty of humour thrown in, and the experience from over 4,000 igs is unbeatable outside of Scotland.

We have high quality Bose kit including bass bins which means we produce a powerful sound for the ceilidh part of the evening but can use this to good effect with your very own playlist. Adding in the LED lights creates a great disco atmosphere to complete the evening if required.

We're based in Hook Hampshire.  We'll travel almost anywhere but most of our gigs are in the London area.  We still have a few dates left for 2020 Burns Suppers which are a speciality of ours.

Frank Reid Scottish Dance Band - Ceilidhs, Weddings

Frank Reid Scottish Dance Band - Ceilidhs, Weddings